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Keep control of your maintenance and manage all your actions in real time with our maintenance software.

  • Stay connected and check the status of your work orders from creation to the payment of invoices.
  • Validate and annotate works carried out by your suppliers, add quotes, modify the desired response time or assign a work order to a supplier online.
  • Valuable data available to control manage and reduce your maintenance expenditure with our software.
  • Plan your maintenance interventions accordingly to ensure that critical failures are resolved quickly.
  • Supplier portal available for live work order updates and prompt delivery of services

Our team of professionals will ensure the smooth running of your critical assets and operations.


The benefits of our maintenance software:

  • No hardware or software installation required
  • Live and real-time dashboard and reporting
  • Automated processes for optimal management of maintenance
  • Auto assignment of work orders to suppliers
  • Ability to add pictures, media files or any other attachments to job request
  • Supplier portal
  • Asset geolocation
  • Strategic asset management
  • Macro-planning of internal and external teams
  • Financial reporting and analysis available in real time
  • Energy management
  • Waste management
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