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Un ensemble de solutions sur mesure au service de votre maintenance.


Financial and Budget Management. Atrium Maintenance France will ensure the efficient day to day management of your contracts and payments to your supply chain. Our aim is to facilitate and improve your supplier relationship management.

  • Supplier relationship management
  • Invoice validation
  • Effective administration of contracts
  • Management of rebates
  • Interface of invoices into your accounting system


Atrium Maintenance France will provide you technical support to validate and check quotes, manage statutory compliance and defects efficiently to keep your sites compliant.


  • Creation of compliance work orders for all sites
  • Management and follow up of all compliance reports
  • Generation and management of defects work orders
  • Quotation management



Our team will assist you in managing all your maintenance contracts and deliver key performance indicators to increase control and visibility. Our information management system will ensure that all activities are tracked for performance measurement purposes.


  • Contract management
    • Organise and administration of the contract database
    • Setup and auto processing of preventive maintenance work orders
  • Database management
    • Creation of asset register
    • Setting up of user management system
    • Prequalification of suppliers and data validation
  • Delivery of bespoke reports and dashboards
    • Asset report (visibility on life cycle cost of assets)
    • Supplier performance analysis
    • Multisite benchmarking
    • Report on contracts and preventive operations
    • Setting up of accrual reporting systems
    • Preparation of financial reporting


We will liaise with your suppliers to drive performance and ensure effectiveness of your operations for your peace of mind.

  • Liaising with suppliers to ensure quality and on time delivery
  • Full visibility on supplier performance management
  • Development of strategic collaborative relationships with suppliers
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